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In a dystopian, dieselpunk world, where Megatowers are the only enclaves of civilization, a group of extraordinary individuals is sent to infiltrate the reclusive Tower 57. Their skills, clips’ capacity & the ability to cooperate will decide on their fate.

Tower 57 is a top-down twin stick shooter with 16-bit inspired pixel art, destructible environments and heavy focus on co-op. It is also a modern take on what made AMIGA games so great back in the days.


Fast-paced arcade gameplay

There is no school like the old school.
Shoot everything that moves and don’t get killed in the process.

Guns – we have them all

Seven characters with different skills and number of weapons. This combo will not allow you to get bored on your way to the top of the Tower 57.

Highly destructible environment

Smash them, crash them and destroy everything. Reload. Repeat. Because everyone likes when things go BOOM.

Play with friends

Mayhem tastes the best when it is shared. Tower 57’s main campaign is designed for both, single player & local/online CO-OP.

pixel art

Times of randomly generated levels are gone – everything in Tower 57 is carefully designed and pixel-crafted with the highest attention to detail.

Dieselpunk world

Find your way through a maze of floors connected by elevators, a central hub filled with shops and terminals, and a multitude of secret walls and uncharted passageways.

Developed by

A studio created by Marco “Benitosub” Pappalardo and  Thomas “Cyangmou” Feichtmeir – two extraordinary individuals, who share the love for old school games.

One is a veteran of the industry, the other is a young, yet experienced artist full of talent. Their paths have crossed and now they are creating their first game – Tower 57, a tribute to old action packed shooters.